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The SAGE champion team always sends others scrambling to get better!

To compete in SAGE Competitions students need to:
  1. Be a SAGE school student
  2. Form a team of at least 3 students
  3. Be between 13-19 years of age
  4. Meet SAGE Benchmarks (See Handbook)
  5. Choose to compete in SEB or SRB business category

When I began SAGE as a sophomore, I was shy and quite afraid of public speaking. Through SAGE, not only was I able to gain confidence but I was able to start my own business and help people around the world.
-Allie Marasco, SAGE student, Co-owner, Small World Publishing

How SAGE Competitions Work:

  1. Student teams travel to a state, regional and/or national competition.
  2. SAGE teams will be assigned to “leagues,” just like in athletic competitions.
  3. Each team presents their written reports and live presentations in front of the audience and the panel of judges.
  4. The SAGE team that is rated the highest is known as the State/Regional/National SAGE Champion.

When are SAGE Competitions?

  • State usually takes place between February and July
  • Regional usually takes place between February and July
  • National usually takes place between February and July
  • World Cup usually takes place July or August.

A country coordinator may choose to hold “sub-national” tournaments prior to its national tournament.
The winner of each sub-national competition advances to the National SAGE competition.
The SAGE World Cup usually takes place during July or August each year.

More details about the competition can be obtained by downloading the SAGE Information Handbook.

The SAGE Information Handbook 2015-2016 is now available.
There are some terrific photos from the SAGE World Cup 2016 in Seoul, South Korea.