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Regional, National and Global Tournaments

Teenage SAGE teams travel to a state, regional and/or national competitions sometime between February and July each year. A country coordinator may choose to have “subnational” tournaments prior to its national tournament.

At the competition SAGE teams will be assigned to “leagues,” just like in athletic competitions. Each team presents the results of its activity to a panel of judges. The SAGE team that is rated the highest is known as the State/Regional/National SAGE Champion.

The winner of each sub-national competition advances to the National SAGE competition, which is usually held at the end of May or in June (for example, in the USA, the 2013 National SAGE competition will be in May).

The SAGE World Cup usually takes place during July or August each year. The Tenth Annual SAGE World Cup was in San Francisco, CA. The site for the Eleventh Annual SAGE World Cup has been tentatively scheduled for Abuja, Nigeria, in August 2013.