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In operating either a socially-responsible business (SRB) or a social enterprise business (SEB), SAGE teams must meet four judging criteria. The criteria are similar for each category; however, the first two criteria are slightly different and the weightings also are different.



How can SAGE teams get the funds to start their ventures?


  1. Partner with a local business (in the S., approach companies such as Target, Best Buy, or Wal-Mart).
  2. Ask your local Rotary or Chamber of Commerce to be your sponsor.
  1. Hold Fundraisers – If your team is affiliated with a high school, be sure to obtain your school’s approval before any fundraising is undertaken, and follow your school’s guidelines and regulations.  Fundraising activities vary, from entrepreneurial efforts to bake sales and garage sales to monetary or in-kind solicitations.  Some teams get funds from student government. Your team will need to determine what works best.


It is much easier to obtain funding when you have a specific business in mind, and BAB members are much more likely to fund your business if they are included in the planning and operation of the your business.