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Sample Grant Request

Many individuals, corporations, and foundations support youth entrepreneurship programs like SAGE. See this sample grant request for ideas about how to approach potential funders for financial support.

How Your Entrepreneurship Teens Can Participate in SAGE 2015-2016

If you are an innovative teenager, or a parent or teacher with entrepreneurial teens, check out this file. It show how you can launch you own commercial or social enterprise, and then showcase your work in a competitive tournament.

(Click to download Powerpoint)

How to Start a SAGE Program in another Country

If you don’t yet have a SAGE program in your country, but are interested in starting one, take a look at this document. It gives you step-by-step suggestions to launch SAGE in your part of the world!

An Interview with SAGE Founder, Dr. Curt DeBerg

Dr. Curt DeBerg explains why he founded SAGE in 2002, and offers suggestions about how to start your own SAGE business in your city.