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SAGE South America

Miguel Ramirez

SAGE South America Coordinator
I am Miguel Ramirez SAGE South America Continental Coordinator. I have been involved with SAGE since 2016. I started as a mentor while in college. Being bilingual in Spanish has allowed me to help establish the connections necessary between SAGE Global and countries in South America. I was able to translate the SAGE guidelines and competition requirements in Spanish to allow Latin American countries to compete at their fullest potential. I look forward to living abroad in Brazil and looking to re-establish SAGE’s presence in Brazil and neighboring countries. I was ranked 1st out of 99 students in a U-Course for understanding Global Business. I have also served for 2 years with the United States Department of State as a Peer Mentor through the SUSI program. SAGE has allowed me to pursue my passions of mentoring and entrepreneurship and I look forward to bringing the next generation of entrepreneurs from South America to SAGE.


Pablo Fernández Jofré
National Coordinator of Chile