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Russia Placeholder

SAGE Russia

Maria Ol’shanskaya

SAGE Russia Coordinator
I became involved in SAGE many years ago, first as a SAGE participant and, later, as a SAGE judge. But I’ve always wanted to do something more for SAGE development in Russia and in the whole world. So after graduation from Moscow State University, where I received a degree from the Department of Global Studies, I’ve become a SAGE National Coordinator. Last year, in 2016, I launched SAGE in Israel. Today, in Russia, SAGE is not only an educational program. SAGE is also a platform where school and university students meet with tutors, teachers, entrepreneurs, business consultants. SAGE has given birth to a new business model in Russia, one that encompasses both commercial and social enterprises. Moreover we have partnership with the main Russian University, MSU, which makes the program very attractive to the last-year secondary school students. We also pay special attention to the Millennium Development Goals. It is interesting that, even though Russia has had high-speed development in recent years, it may seem to the outside world that Russia’s social problems are almost solved. In reality, though, some of our problems are becoming worse. That’s why SAGE is also very important in Russia. Every day we try to make the life of our compatriots better. I am very happy that I am part of Global SAGE family and that I am the one who promotes SAGE ideas in my home country of Russia, and also the Middle East.