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SAGE Europe

Olga Azarova

SAGE Europe Coordinator
I am Olga Azarova – SAGE Continental Coordinator of Eastern & Western Europe. I live in Odessa, Ukraine. I run SAGE since its establishment in Ukraine. I am President of Mediaholding “100%” – biggest media structure in the south of Ukraine. Also I am an owner of Business-school “MINI BOSS” and teacher at Odessa National Economics University. Andrey Azarov (my husband) is the Head of SAGE-UKRAINE Business Advisory Board, the main SAGE Ukraine sponsor and SAGEGLOBAL Advisory Board member. We did a lot for the development of the brand and increase the popularity of SAGE in Ukraine and neighboring countries.


Levon Airapetian
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Coordinator of Germany


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Coordinator of Ireland
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Coordinator of Macedonia


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Coordinator of Poland


Nikola Toporash
Coordinator of Ukraine
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