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Candy Tang

SAGE Asia Coordinator
I am Candy from Shanghai, China. I knew SAGE since 2004, when I was a SAGE participant helping our team win the 1st runner-up of 2005 SAGE World Cup. Later, as an undergraduate student, I kept track with SAGE development in China and became a core member. After graduating from university in 2011, I became a SAGE National Coordinator. SAGE has helped me find my life interest and career goal, which is to establish a platform for secondary school students to enhance their social responsibility through social innovation and entrepreneurship. Now I’ve set up an NPO to run SAGE in China, serving as director general. We are looking forward to bringing up a new generation of social entrepreneur leaders from SAGE, and getting students more closely involved in the global development.

Islamic Republic of Iran

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National Coordinator of Islamic Republic of Iran


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National Coordinator of Israel
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National Coordinator of Japan
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National Coordinator of Nepal


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People's Republic of China

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National Coordinator of People's Republic of China
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Republic of South Korea

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National Coordinator of Republic of South Korea