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SAGE Africa

Agwu Amogu

SAGE Africa Coordinator
My name is Agwu Amogu, the Continental Coordinator for Africa. I am a free market advocate and founder/CEO of Blue Solutions Ltd., a business intelligence and strategic communication consultancy firm. Our clients include governments, small and medium enterprises and international development agencies like DFID. I am interested in the SAGE because it practically re-enforces my belief that poverty and the global environmental problems and conflicts can be solved through a conscious effort. We can do so by galvanizing the abundant resources on earth (human and natural resources) for effective production and building of effective social trust globally.

Burkina Faso

Lansina TO
Coordinator of Burkina Faso


Gilbert Ewehmeh
Coordinator of Cameroon
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Seth Donkor
Coordinator of Ghana

Guinea Bissau

Algassimo Ba
Coordinator of Guinea Bissau


Mureke Esther Kuria
Coordinator of Kenya


Youssef Benkabbou
Coordinator of Morocco


Agwu Amogu
Coordinator of Nigeria


Rukema Ezechiel
Coordinator of Rwanda

South Africa

Thabo Pitse
Coordinator of South Africa


Daniel Agape
Coordinator of Tanzania


Mahamba Chiputa
Coordinator of Zambia


Tafara Mundere
Coordinator of Zimbabwe