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Agwu Amogu
My name is Agwu Amogu, the Continental Coordinator for Africa. I am a free market advocate and founder/CEO of Blue Solutions Ltd., a business intelligence and strategic communication consultancy firm. Our clients include governments, small and medium enterprises and international development agencies like DFID. I am interested in the SAGE because it practically re-enforces my belief that poverty and the global environmental problems and conflicts can be solved through a conscious effort. We can do so by galvanizing the abundant resources on earth (human and natural resources) for effective production and building of effective social trust globally.


Candy Tang
I am Candy from Shanghai, China. I knew SAGE since 2004, when I was a SAGE participant helping our team win the 1st runner-up of 2005 SAGE World Cup. Later, as an undergraduate student, I kept track with SAGE development in China and became a core member. After graduating from university in 2011, I became a SAGE National Coordinator. SAGE has helped me find my life interest and career goal, which is to establish a platform for secondary school students to enhance their social responsibility through social innovation and entrepreneurship. Now I’ve set up an NPO to run SAGE in China, serving as director general. We are looking forward to bringing up a new generation of social entrepreneur leaders from SAGE, and getting students more closely involved in the global development.

Co-National Coordinator of Israel

Maria Ol’shanskaya
I became involved in SAGE many years ago, first as a SAGE participant and, later, as a SAGE judge. But I’ve always wanted to do something more for SAGE development in Russia and in the whole world. So after graduation from Moscow State University, where I received a degree from the Department of Global Studies, I’ve become a SAGE National Coordinator. Last year, in 2016, I launched SAGE in Israel. Today, in Russia, SAGE is not only an educational program. SAGE is also a platform where school and university students meet with tutors, teachers, entrepreneurs, business consultants. SAGE has given birth to a new business model in Russia, one that encompasses both commercial and social enterprises. Moreover we have partnership with the main Russian University, MSU, which makes the program very attractive to the last-year secondary school students. We also pay special attention to the Millennium Development Goals. It is interesting that, even though Russia has had high-speed development in recent years, it may seem to the outside world that Russia’s social problems are almost solved. In reality, though, some of our problems are becoming worse. That’s why SAGE is also very important in Russia. Every day we try to make the life of our compatriots better. I am very happy that I am part of Global SAGE family and that I am the one who promotes SAGE ideas in my home country of Russia, and also the Middle East.


Olga Azarova
I am Olga Azarova – SAGE Continental Coordinator of Eastern & Western Europe. I live in Odessa, Ukraine. I run SAGE since its establishment in Ukraine. I am President of Mediaholding “100%” – biggest media structure in the south of Ukraine. Also I am an owner of Business-school “MINI BOSS” and teacher at Odessa National Economics University. Andrey Azarov (my husband) is the Head of SAGE-UKRAINE Business Advisory Board, the main SAGE Ukraine sponsor and SAGEGLOBAL Advisory Board member. We did a lot for the development of the brand and increase the popularity of SAGE in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

India & Nepal

BN Panta
Hello! My Name is BN Panta (Bhola), and I am originally from Nepal. I have been living in Dallas, Texas. I have been with SAGE global for almost 5 years. Since joined Master’s degree Program in Entrepreneurship Program from at Spears School of Business-Oklahoma State University, I got the opportunity to help teens succeed in entrepreneurial pursuits through mentoring and other facilitation. I always advocate and promote the value of exchange of ideas and people across multiple cultures and countries. I am currently founding president & CEO of Abroad Institute LLC, and Abroad IT Consulting INC. I worked as a Business system and strategy analyst at different corporations including AT&T, BCBS, Accenture, Randstad Technologies, General Motor Financials and more. I also hold Master’s degree in English Literature and taught for some years. As a volunteer, I am serving as International Relation Chair for Lions Club International District 2x1, and J.C. Hyer Youth Camp Director. I am a motivational speaker and super optimistic guy to make the world a better place to live for us and future generation. I love mentoring young entrepreneurs to dream big to change the world through envisioning social enterprise.

Southeast Asia

Dr. Robert (Bob) Galindez
Bob is the President of St. Robert’s International Academy. Currently, SAGE is in Southeast Asian countries such as Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. SAGE is also present in East Asian countries like China and Korea.