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Agwu Amogu
My name is Agwu Amogu, the Continental Coordinator for Africa. I am a free market advocate and founder/CEO of Blue Solutions Ltd., a business intelligence and strategic communication consultancy firm. Our clients include governments, small and medium enterprises and international development agencies like DFID. I am interested in the SAGE because it practically re-enforces my belief that poverty and the global environmental problems and conflicts can be solved through a conscious effort. We can do so by galvanizing the abundant resources on earth (human and natural resources) for effective production and building of effective social trust globally.


Candy Tang
I am Candy from Shanghai, China. I knew SAGE since 2004, when I was a SAGE participant helping our team win the 1st runner-up of 2005 SAGE World Cup. Later, as an undergraduate student, I kept track with SAGE development in China and became a core member. After graduating from university in 2011, I became a SAGE National Coordinator. SAGE has helped me find my life interest and career goal, which is to establish a platform for secondary school students to enhance their social responsibility through social innovation and entrepreneurship. Now I’ve set up an NPO to run SAGE in China, serving as director general. We are looking forward to bringing up a new generation of social entrepreneur leaders from SAGE, and getting students more closely involved in the global development.


Olga Azarova
I am Olga Azarova – SAGE EUROPE Continental Coordinator of Europe. I am President of MEDIAHOLDING 100% (, founder of MINIBOSS & BIGBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL (, founder of International Women Business Forum EUROWOMAN (, founder of VITAL VOICES Ukraine Chapter, NGO, FORTUNE 500 MOST POWERFUL WOMEN\ U.S. State Department Mentoring Program Alumna. "I run SAGE since its establishment in the world. We have participated since the very beginning of the founding of this global program. I, as a responsible person, support this movement all over the world and develop in Europe, because these championships help people around the world to be closer, develop the world together, making it better! The impact on positive changes in the world and global business networking is something that we all need. I invite new countries to the dialogue who are interested in cooperation!

North America

Huston Pullen
Huston Pullen has been a part of SAGE since 2015. Huston started SAGE Nevada before his current appointment as the North American Continental Coordinator covering all of U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Central America. Huston has been supporting and building entrepreneurs throughout his professional career serving in small business technical assistance programs such as Small Business Development Centers (SBDC's) and Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC's). Huston holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, a Master of Science in Crisis & Emergency Management, a Master Business Administration, and a Master of Music in Conducting. Huston enjoys building programs, teaching, watching movies, lunch with friends, working out at the gym, and spending time with his wife and three kids.

South America

Miguel Ramirez
I am Miguel Ramirez SAGE South America Continental Coordinator. I have been involved with SAGE since 2016. I started as a mentor while in college. Being bilingual in Spanish has allowed me to help establish the connections necessary between SAGE Global and countries in South America. I was able to translate the SAGE guidelines and competition requirements in Spanish to allow Latin American countries to compete at their fullest potential. I look forward to living abroad in Brazil and looking to re-establish SAGE’s presence in Brazil and neighboring countries. I was ranked 1st out of 99 students in a U-Course for understanding Global Business. I have also served for 2 years with the United States Department of State as a Peer Mentor through the SUSI program. SAGE has allowed me to pursue my passions of mentoring and entrepreneurship and I look forward to bringing the next generation of entrepreneurs from South America to SAGE.