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Become a SAGE School. Win a SAGE Competition. Be a Teenpreneur.

SAGE is STUDENTS FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP, where our mission is to create the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders whose innovations address some of the world’s most urgent needs.

News from the SAGE CEO:

  1. Congratulations, SAGE Japan! Read Kana Bannai's report here.
  2. Congratulations, SAGE Iran! Click here to read Hamideh Tabatabaei's report.
  3. Congratulations, SAGE Latvia, and Lydia Kravchenko! Click to find out why!
  4. SAGE Global also thanks Olga Azarova, the SAGE Europe Continental Coordinator, for recruiting more countries from Eastern Europe into the SAGE network. Among the new countries: Latvia! Congratulations, Olga!
  5. Another shout-out to thank Agwu Amogu for enlisting three new African countries. Bravo, Agwu!
  6. Our SAGE International Ambassador, Ndaba Mandela, will meet with Sir Richard Branson in early March on Branson’s Necker Island in the Caribbean. Ndaba will inform Mr. Branson about SAGE’s mission and vision. Good luck, Ndaba.
  7. Two upcoming dates for SAGE in the USA: April 23 is the SAGE CA Expo at Chico State, and May 28 is the SAGE USA event in Sacramento. Want more information? Send an email
The SAGE Information Handbook 2015-2016 is now available.
There are some terrific photos from the SAGE World Cup 2016 in Seoul, South Korea.

SAGE News!

Here are the details for the SAGE World Cup 2016. Feel free to post these to your web sites, blogs, Twitter accounts, and Facebook.We have a great event planned. Thanks, Sir Bob Galindez, and his wonderful team at SAGE Filipinas!

We are investigating ways to improve SAGE Global. As a former teenager participating as a member of a SAGE team, your input is valuable to us. The survey will only take about 15 minutes to complete. We really appreciate you giving us this information. Thank you for your time.

For the SAGE 2016 SAGE World Cup, each country is encouraged to bring up to four accredited judges as part of their country delegations, if they are bringing two teams to compete. If a country is bringing only one team to compete, it is invited to bring up to two accredited judges.

SAGE World Cup 2015
Seoul, South Korea:

  • Awards Presentation
    • Awards Presentation

    • Watch Video

  • The Competition Process
    • The Competition Process

    • Watch Video

  • Culture Day Video Highlights
    • Culture Day Video Highlights

    • Watch Video

  • Teams Arrive Video Highlights
    • Teams Arrive Video Highlights

    • Watch Video

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Upcoming Events:

May 27 - 28, 2016 -
Sacramento, CA
August 11 - 16, 2016 -
SAGE World Cup 2016.
Manila, Philippines

Upcoming Workshops: