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Quotes and Testimonials

“I must say I was very impressed when I attended the SAGE finals in Abuja about what the kids were doing, was so inspirational. I really believe that this SAGE initiative should be a national program here in South Africa and across the continent.”


Ndaba Mandela (grandson of Nelson Mandela), CEO, Africa Rising Foundation


“Investment in youth’s entrepreneurial capacity as future leaders of national economies is not only desirable but must be pursued with vigour. Central Bank of Nigeria will make SAGE one of its financial literary champions in our new campaign to establish six Entrepreneurial Development Centers across the country.”


Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria


“When I began SAGE as a sophomore, I was shy and quite afraid of public speaking. Through SAGE, not only was I able to gain confidence but I was able to start my own business and help people around the world.”


Allie Marasco, SAGE student, 2009-2011, Co-owner, Small

World Publishing


“In my humble opinion, the U.S. Mission accomplished more with a few hours of our time and a couple hundred bucks than we accomplished with the entire foreign aid budget for Africa in a year. In short, the SAGE staffs are my heroes because you don’t talk about changing the world, you’re doing it!”


Rich Shields, former Financial Management Officer,

U.S. Mission to Nigeria


 “The presentations were definitely better than some of the start-up presentations I’ve seen from adults.”


Mark Velligan, Director of Portfolio Management at Genentech, San Francisco



“Before SAGE, I wanted to be a doctor.  Now, I want to build hospitals.”


            SAGE student from Nigeria (Federal Capital Territory)