“Turning Risk into Success”:

A Teen Entrepreneurship Curriculum

“Turning Risk into Success”- TRIS– is a licensed 12-lesson hands on course created by Dr. Curtis L. DeBerg, an award-winning university professor, which shows teenagers how to identify and operate their own business. Students’ businesses can be a commercial enterprise or a social enterprise.

Lessons are organized into four parts:

  • The Big Picture
  • Questions and Answers
  • Taking Action
  • What to Do Before the Next Lesson

During the TRIS course students will:

  • Gain knowledge and skills to become a successful entrepreneur
  • Implement project-based learning, with heavy influence on STEM areas
  • Develop critical thinking of a business person
  • Integrate computing skills (e.g. creating financial spreadsheets)
  • Conduct research for career skills relevance (based on CTE standards)
  • Design PowerPoint presentations to make TRIS content come to life

After the TRIS course, students are eligible to participate in a SAGE Regional or National Tournaments. Students completing the course will receive a Certificate of Completion from California State University, Chico’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

The course can only be taught by TRIS-Certified Master Teachers. To become a Certified Master Teacher, you must attend an intensive workshop.

see Teacher Training Workshops