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Chico State SAGE Mentors

Ryan O’Hair

Ryan O’Hair is a business student at California State University, Chico. He is studying for his undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a focus in Finance. Ryan is an outgoing and motivated individual whose class standing is a junior at Chico State and is graduating in Spring 2016. His extracurricular involvement is diverse and is not limited only to SAGE; he is also a leader in Sigma Pi, International Fraternity at Chico State and holds the position of Executive Board Vice President. Molded from values he holds dear, his driven personality is based on the concept of buying into ideas that are larger than him. An advocate of exploration, Ryan is also an alumnus of the Chico State Study Abroad program, and an outdoor enthusiast.

Paulina Prado

At first, I joined SAGE because it was an opportunity to help me with my accounting class, but I didn’t know how much it was going to impact my life. Working with SAGE entrepreneurs has taught me many valuable lessons that I would not have learned in a classroom. I have met many business professionals that have helped me become who I am today. I have been with SAGE for two years now, and I have created long-lasting memories as well as friendships. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such motivated and goal-driven people.

Miguel Ramirez

I am Miguel Ramirez SAGE South America Continental Coordinator. I have been involved with SAGE since 2016. I started as a mentor while in college. Being bilingual in Spanish has allowed me to help establish the connections necessary between SAGE Global and countries in South America. I was able to translate the SAGE guidelines and competition requirements in Spanish to allow Latin American countries to compete at their fullest potential. I look forward to living abroad in Brazil and looking to re-establish SAGE’s presence in Brazil and neighboring countries. I was ranked 1st out of 99 students in a U-Course for understanding Global Business. I have also served for 2 years with the United States Department of State as a Peer Mentor through the SUSI program. SAGE has allowed me to pursue my passions of mentoring and entrepreneurship and I look forward to bringing the next generation of entrepreneurs from South America to SAGE.

McKenna Hurley

Being a member of SAGE is being a member of world change. We as an organization provide the tools to help young driven minds turn their visions into reality. For me joining SAGE was not about what I would gain but what I could offer others. Knowing that we can help guide the ideas of some of the most young and talented individuals to competition is a reward like no other. I have developed both professional and life skills that I could not seek from any other organization, on or off campus. Being apart of SAGE is being apart of a global family – once a member always a member.

Kim Perez

I’m in SAGE due to the impact it has globally. I’ve been in SAGE for the past two years. When I started, I didn’t fully understand what it was about until I went the national competition in Berkeley and saw how SAGE brought together kids from many different backgrounds to show their potential and compete at a high level. I’m the director of Mentorship, and my job is to pair up teams with their mentors that will lead them to success during competition. Sage is more than just an organization that helps high school students get a hands on experience in entrepreneurship it helps them get closer to their dreams.

Jonathan Vicencio

Jonathan Vicencio is a new member of SAGE Global and will be holding the position of Head Business Developer in August. He is currently a junior at California State University Chico and is working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a double option in Marketing and Project Management. He is on track to graduate in Spring 2016. Jonathan has demonstrated his passion for entrepreneurship as a Founding Father of the international social fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, where he holds two positions, one on the Executive Board and the other as Standards Chairman. In addition to SAGE and Lambda Chi Alpha, Jonathan also works as a Customer Service Attendant for the Associated Students of CSU Chico in the Wildcat Recreation Department. In his spare time, he enjoys playing sports, the ukulele and spending quality time with those close to him.

Jon Gomez

As a kid I grew up playing sports, football, baseball and track. I was fortunate to be a part of teams that had such great success. Due to team success I was able to travel the west coast for championships. Kids that I met on these teams when I was 5 ended up being high school teammates and rivals. Now that I am in college, sports became an afterthought and I focused my efforts into my studies. In the time I spent on campus I was able to find a new team but not just any team, a Global team, founded at Chico State. I recognized the strong leadership and the mission SAGE has. The more time I committed to SAGE I soon realized this was no team but a family. It turns out my passion to compete was not just that of my own but to help those out who had the same passion to compete.

Jaclyn Soller

I didn’t really know what to expect when I first joined SAGE. Quiet and reserved, it wasn’t common for me to be part of a big group. I knew that college was the time to grow out of my comfort zone and joining a club seemed like the way to do just that. As time went on, I didn’t anticipate to find an organization that would make me feel like I am not only a part of a team, but a family. Being a mentor to SAGE students has enabled me to develop capabilities that I didn’t realize I had. I have witnessed the significant creativity that our students have to offer and I thrive off of their passion. The kids have given me inspiration to find what I am passionate about myself and to follow through wholeheartedly with whatever that may be.

Celina Reyes

Being a part of SAGE for 2 years and counting has helped me find my passion in helping others. I have developed a much better understanding of global business and entrepreneurship applied to the real world. I have met people from different parts of the globe whom I can gladly say I have built strong, life long friendships with and leaders that have inspired me to work hard and not give up. Personally, the biggest joy for me as a mentor is when I see a team of young entrepreneurs finding their own passion doing what they enjoy.