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Invest in SAGE

Before investing time or money in the SAGE program, you must be satisfied that it has several unique features that set itself apart from other business, entrepreneurship and leadership programs for high school youth.

The SAGE program is noteworthy in that we have five unique features. SAGE:

  • Is practical, scalable and cost-effective
  • Challenges teenagers to create and sustain real-world business and social ventures under the guidance and direction of university consultants/mentors
  • Uses an interscholastic competitive model similar to athletics; SAGE projects are showcased in a “tournament” which recognizes outstanding high school teams based on their effectiveness & creativity
  • Leads to benchmarking and continuous improvement across grade levels
  • Motivates and inspires all participants to become active, productive, and inspiring business and community leaders in their local communities.

When you contribute your time and energy to be a member of a SAGE team’s Business Advisory Board, or if you are a college mentor for a SAGE high school, you are a very important source of that team’s human and social capital. Or if you are a SAGE tournament judge, you are a valuable source of capital for the entire SAGE program. Either way, you are creating positive social change.

You can also provide financial capital to SAGE. Your contribution will help SAGE improve existing programs and expand to other parts of the world.

Your contribution can be made to either of two 501 c 3, tax-exempt organizations.

  1. SAGEGLOBAL – this will support global initiatives
  2. UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION – this will support USA initiatives.

If you want your contribution to benefit SAGE in its global development efforts, please give to SAGEGLOBAL.

If you choose to contribute to USA initiatives, please give to the University Foundation.

For more information, please contact or call 530.898.4824.