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Become a Coordinator

Are you a education entrepreneur? If you think you have what it takes to become a leader in the SAGE network, please let us know! There are open positions for country and regional coordinator positions.

The primary duties of a SAGE National Coordinator are:

  • To identify and appoint (with approval from SAGE Home Office in California) regional SAGE coordinators in your country and to communicate regularly, by phone, fax, email, with all regional SAGE Coordinators during the period from September through June, ensuring the coordination and success of each regional program.
  • To conduct a national SAGE event, identifying ONE SAGE champion from the SRB and SEB categories represent at the World Cup competition in July or August each year.
  • To seek operational grant funds to help SAGE expand its program.
  • To enter into alliances and partnerships with organizations that support SAGE’s mission.
  • To begin the process of recognizing SAGE as an official non-profit education organization recognized by your state (if it doesn’t already have such recognition).
  • To keep the SAGE Continental Coordinator informed of all major activities of your country’s SAGE office, and to comply with all requests made by the SAGE Continental Coordinator.

If you currently located in a country that does not have a SAGE program, please contact cdeberg@csuchico.edu. Before doing so, however, please read the following two files:

  1. SAGE in Your Country—How to Participate in SAGE 2014-2015
  2. 2. How to Start a SAGE Program in another Country