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The SAGE 2017 World Cup is hosted by our friends from SAGE Ukraine. As our hosts, SAGE Ukraine will provide:

PART A. Competing Countries:

  • 4 nights room and board for 11 official delegates (recommended makeup of maximum delegation: 3 SEB students + 1 teacher + 3 SRB + 1 teacher + 1 NC + 2 judges) per country with two teams: one SRB team AND one SEB team.
  • 4 nights room and board for 7 official delegates (Recommended makeup of maximum delegation: 3 SEB + 1 teacher + 1 NC + 2 judges) per country with one team: one SRB team OR one SEB team.

Teams may not bring more than one teacher or two judges as official delegates (however, they may substitute additional SAGE students for one or both judges). Any delegate who is not part of the official delegation will become an unofficial, PAYING delegate (see Part D below).


PART B: Observing Countries

Countries that have not yet participated in a World Cup SAGE competition may send ONE OFFICIAL DELEGATE as long as they have signed an OFFICIAL MOU with Rob Best by June 30, 2017. No exceptions. Of course, we accept nominations from Continental Coordinators like you, Olga, and we do not foresee overriding your recommendations. However, we insist that everyone follow the same procedures so that each prospective National Coordinator is properly vetted through our home office.

All other observing countries (without a signed MOU) are invited to send one or more representatives, but they must be considered unofficial delegates and they must pay the fee of $2,000 (single room) or $1,600 (double room).


PART C: Continental and Regional Coordinators



PART D: Unofficial Delegates

Unofficial delegates are most welcome. They will be charged a fee of $2,000 for a single room, $1,600 for a double. This fee entitles the delegate to meals, admission to all SAGE events, and SAGE outings.

Please see these two links for more details on the SAGE World Cup 2017: