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2017 SAGE World Cup: August 10 – 14, 2017 in Odessa, Ukraine

The SAGE World Cup Champion (is it YOUR Team?) wins:

  • First-Place team – $2,000
  • Second-Place team – $1,000
  • Third-Place team – $500
In getting ready for the competition, teenage SAGE teams are encouraged to utilize all available resources in their community.
Two extremely valuable resources are:
  • Successful business, civic and education leaders to serve on their Business Advisory Board (BAB), and
  • College/university students who can serve as business consultants and mentors.

Sample Presentation:

At the tournament, each team makes a 35-minute live presentation to a panel of business experts:
  • 10 minutes set up and handout annual reports to judges
  • 13 minutes oral presentation
  • 7 minutes for questions and answers
  • 5 minutes for exiting the room while the judges score the team

SAGEGLOBAL would especially like to thank the following:

Host: SAGE Ukraine

  • Mayor of Odessa, Mr. Gennady Truhanov
  • Odessa City Council
  • SAGE Europe Coordinator, Ms. Olga Azarova

SAGE Filipinas (SRB Champion, 2015)

Sample Annual Report

SAGE Nigeria (SEB Champion, 2015)

Sample Annual Report

Want to be a judge? Want to be a sponsor?
Want to get involved?

Dr. DeBerg