Team Resources
The Multimedia Presentation

Competition presenters should write their own parts of the presentation so they are very familiar with the contents. Visual documentation should accompany the oral presentation.  Presentations vary, with teams using slide projectors, video monitors, or computer presentations for visual documentation. You may want to ask the college mentors, your BAB, or your speech and drama teachers at your school to critique your presentation and make suggestions for improvement. Presentation team members need to be familiar with EVERY activity.

For non-English speaking SAGE teams advancing to the SAGE World Cup, we urge you to speak in your native language if you do not speak American English with an American accent.  If you choose to use your native language, we will allow as much time as needed in order for your interpreter to translate your verbal presentation into English.

Presentation Details

Each SAGE team will be given a 35-minute time block at the competition. During the first 10 minutes teams will immediately display their annual reports on the computer projection screen. While the judges are reading the annual reports, the team will set up its equipment, set up props, etc. The team will then have 13 minutes to give their oral/audio-visual presentation, followed by a 7-minute mandatory question and answer period. Finally, in the last 5 minutes, students will remove all their equipment and exit the room while the judges score the team.

Anyone may assist the team with set up or operation of AV equipment. However, only the student team members may participate in the presentation or answer questions from the judges.

While we encourage SAGE teams to demonstrate their products during the presentation, teams should be careful not to use harmful ingredients or techniques that may create problems with the conference venue. If the presentation materials appear to be in violation of this rule, in the opinion of the league coordinator, the team will be banned from using such ingredients or techniques.

Presentation Equipment Provided by the SAGE Host

  1. one large screen and two extension cords
  2. a visual projection system compatible with PCs (not MACs)

Every effort will be made by the host university to supply the proper computer equipment, but it is a wise idea to bring your own laptop and visual projection system to be on the safe side.

Practice time in practice rooms

Every effort will be made by the SAGE tournament host to allow SAGE teams to practice time in designated practice rooms.  Teams should be respectful of other teams, and only remain in the room for 15 minute periods unless no other teams are waiting.

General Information

  1. Except for the annual report (and media, if any), no handouts to judges are permitted. However, teams may display products by holding them up during and after the oral presentation.
  2. If you are using PowerPoint or other presentation software, please save your presentation on a zip disk and/or CD, to be loaded onto the computer in the presentation room. Make sure your presentation file is PC compatible (not Macintosh).
  3. Members of local TV, radio, or newspaper media have full access to all presentation rooms at any time. All teams should be prepared for the possibility of the media taking video or photos of their presentation.
Annual Report Samples and Details

2010 World Cup Annual Report Samples

The written report is the first impression the judges get of your year’s work. Make your report easy to follow by clearly identifying sections with the corresponding judging criteria. Samples of annual reports can be downloaded by going to

Please make sure the report is written in ENGLISH. Suggestion: make sure someone who is very fluent in English proofreads and edits your report. A SAGE consultant or mentor available by e-mail can tell you whether your report would need editing, after which somebody at your school or in your community would proofread.

Written annual reports are limited to a total of four (4) printed pages on 8 ½ by 11 paper (or two pages front to back). If your team uses a cover or back page it will count as one of those four pages.

You may also attach copies of any newspaper coverage, and other evidence of media attention, of your activities. It would be helpful for the growth and prestige of our organization if SAGE is mentioned in the article. You may also attach sample newsletters and photos of billboards, etc. Also, presenters may distribute their personal business cards.

Teams may NOT distribute copies of business plans or letters of commendation. Violation of this rule will result in an automatic 5-point deduction from the total of 40 points available for the written annual report.

Your team should bring 40 copies of your team’s annual report to be handed out to the SAGE judges.

During the ten minute setup period, we urge your team to display the annual report on the computer projection screen, one page at a time, so that judges and other audience members can see the report.