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Where is SAGE?

SAGE has established one of the most impactful international linkages among teenagers, higher education, and the business community. SAGE is currently active in the following 21 countries:


  1. Burkina Faso
  2. Canada
  3. China
  4. Ghana
  5. India
  6. Ireland
  7. Japan
  8. Kazakhstan
  9. Kenya
  10. Nigeria
  11. Pakistan
  12. Philippines
  13. Republic of South Korea
  14. Russia
  15. Singapore
  16. South Africa
  17. Tanzania
  18. Ukraine
  19. United Arab Emirates
  20. USA
  21. Zambia


We also have begun discussions with the following countries/states:

Armenia, Dominican Republic, Cameroon, Chile, Egypt, Georgia, Grenada, Guatemala, Jamaica, Kosovo, Latvia, Macedonia, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad/Tobago, and Vietnam.

In the USA, six states participate: California, Ohio, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

In summer 2014, the 12th Annual SAGE World Cup took place in Moscow, Russia. A total of 16 countries were represented (13 competing physically, 3 observing) gathered for what can only be described as our most exciting competition to date.

The site for the 13th Annual SAGE World Cup Tournament has been scheduled for Seoul, South Korea on 2.16.15.