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Continental Coordinators

If country coordinators (or prospective country coordinators) have any questions, their first point of contact should be their continental coordinator:


Region Contact
Africa Agwu Amogu


Eastern Europe Olga Azarova

(Ольга Азарова)


North America and Western Europe Peter Eimer


Russia and Newly Independent States (NIS) Maria Olshanskaya



Southeast Asia Robert Galindez


Middle East Aman Merchant


Caribbean (West Indies) Wallace Williams




Meet Our SAGE Continental Coordinators


SAGE Africa – Agwu Amogu


1My name is Agwu Amogu, the Continental Coordinator for Africa. I am a free market advocate and founder/CEO of Blue Solutions Ltd., a business intelligence and strategic communication consultancy firm. Our clients include governments, small and medium enterprises and international development agencies like DFID.

I am interested in the SAGE programme because it practically re-enforces my belief that poverty and the global environmental problems and conflicts can be solved through a conscious effort. We can do so by galvanizing the abundant resources on earth (human and natural resources) for effective production and building of effective social trust globally. SAGE is at the center of my philosophy and like Curtis DeBerg will put it: “SAGE is an incubator out of which comes the next generation of social entrepreneurs who see their communities and indeed the whole world as their responsibility.”


In Africa the SAGE programme is established in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Congo DRC… and more to follow. It is my targ3et to see that SAGE is present in at least 70% of the countries in Africa. Because of the low economic situation in Africa it is really difficult to receive sufficient donations or grants from the private sector to drive the programme well. My aim is therefore to seek and obtain accreditation and affiliation status from the African Union by the end of 2012. This, I believe, will leap-frog a transnational social movement in Africa capable of ending the conflicts in Africa and moving it out of poverty quickly.


2I want to see SAGE seek and obtain United Nations recognition status before the end of 2013. Also, I want to see SAGE become the world’s most outstanding transnational social movement with business and political influence in the world. I want to see—by the year 2020—many SAGE Alumni (former SAGE students) as leaders in their respective countries. I dream that today’s SAGE youth will become successful national, regional and global entrepreneurs, politicians, governors and civic leaders.



SAGE Eastern Europe – Olga Azarova


4Hello SAGE family!

I am Olga Azarova – SAGE Continental Coordinator of Eastern & Western Europe. I live in Odessa, Ukraine. I run SAGE since its establishment in Ukraine. I am President of Mediaholding “100%” – biggest media structure in the south of Ukraine. Also I am an owner of Business-school “MINI BOSS” and teacher at Odessa National Economics University.

Andrey Azarov (my husband) is the Head of SAGE-UKRAINE Business Advisory Board, the main SAGE Ukraine sponsor and SAGEGLOBAL Advisory Board member. We did a lot for the development of the brand and increase the popularity of SAGE in Ukraine and neighboring countries.


In 2005, Ukraine became the SAGE World Champion and so we got the right to host the SAGE World Cup 2007 in Ukraine.

High level of training and performances of our students at the annual World Championships has given us the right to re-host the World Championship in Ukraine in 2014.

Now we are going to expand SAGE in Eastern Europe and help SAGEGLOBAL obtain funds from international sponsors to improve SAGE operations.


I consider extremely important the preservation and development of the International Education Program – SAGE, which allows students, faculties, and members of the business elite from around the world for business and scientific communications, to establish an understanding between the countries of the world, coordinated solutions to common problems and the establishment of an effective global business relationships. We must show the world an example of favorable international relations at an early level – pupils in secondary and high schools.


We need to show teens that the world is in their hands. We have to put into their minds the seeds of peace and self-sufficiency, to give them the opportunity to provide their own wealth. And then, as the great Adam Smith says, “every man who will take care of their own wealth will automatically benefit and all other members of the society and the country as a whole”.


Our mission – to explain to the children through SAGE, that in the 21st century mankind does not have to fight to prove one’s superiority. Strategic superiority of a country lies only in the intellect of its people, in the process of making possibilities for life and not for death. Therefore, in the 21st century, we should strive to only be competitive in the war of ideas—a war that seeks scientific discoveries to help beat cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, and other infectious diseases. In the new century, innovation should rule, as businesses cooperate across national borders.


We need to develop standards for business communication and thus to establish the conditions for increasing the standard of living in all countries of the world.

In this regard, our SAGE program with 10 years of experience—is the best platform for dialogue and to establish standards of cooperation between the current leaders of the countries and between the future leaders in strategic communications.



SAGE Asia – Maria Olshanskaya


5I became involved in SAGE many years ago, first as a SAGE participant and, later, as a SAGE judge. But I’ve always wanted to do something more for SAGE development in Russia and in the whole world. So after graduation from Moscow State University, where I received a degree from the Department of Global Studies, I’ve become a SAGE National Coordinator.

Today, in Russia, SAGE is not only an educational program. SAGE is also a platform where school and university students meet with tutors, teachers, entrepreneurs, business consultants. SAGE has given birth to a new business model in Russia, one that encompasses both commercial and social enterprises. Moreover we have partnership with the main Russian University, MSU, which makes the program very attractive to the last-year secondary school students.


We also pay special attention to the Millennium Development Goals. It is interesting that, even though Russia has had high-speed development in recent years, it may seem to the outside world that Russia’s social problems are almost solved. In reality, though, some of our problems are becoming worse. That’s why SAGE is also very important in Russia. Every day we try to make the life of our compatriots better.


As for other former countries in the Soviet Union – we are collaborating with NIS (New Independent States) Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Also we have undertaken some projects concerning Russian-speaking population of Israel and Turkey. We are very open to every NIS country and would be very glad to be partners or assistants.


I am very happy that I am part of Global SAGE family and that I am the one who promotes SAGE ideas in my country.



6SAGE Asia Co-Coordinator – Irina Danikova


Hello. I am Irina Dannikova from Russia. My current job is to train economics teachers in Tula Teachers’ Retraining Institute. I graduated from the Pedagogical University with a specialty in math. I have worked in economic education from 1992 as a school teacher at first and, later, as executive director of an NGO called the “Center on Economic Education in Tula.” We have common programs with some educational organizations in USA, Italy in teacher’s training, teacher’s and student’s exchange publications for teaching the economics at schools. A month ago together with my husband I have completed two books “Student’s Manual Book on Economics for 8-9,” and “Economics in Tests and Exercises”. I devote my free time to SAGE because I share the responsibility what will be our future generation, what problems will disturb them, how successful they shall be in business and how they shall understand and help the people who need in their attention.


SAGE in Russia today is not comprehensive organization, but every year new cities and school teams from different regions of Russia learn about SAGE and join us. My day job allows me direct contact with schools and teachers in economic education, and this helps me to spread information about SAGE. Also, our website for SAGERUSSIA helps. It is not simple time now to find sponsors and funds and we haven’t any tax concessions for the sponsors or charitable organizations in Russia. It was very upsetting for our SAGE Winner of 2008 miss SAGE Word Cup event in Abuja. But I am trying to find support this year. I see this most difficult today. What about SAGE in other countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe? We will be happy to work together with all who would like to join the SAGE network. I hope that political situation becomes better. It can not be differently. Just now our politicians know so little about SAGE.


8It is an honor for me to work with my international colleagues in SAGE program. I believe that world will become better and people will understand better each other by our common efforts—young people and adults. I’m sure that young people from our countries will be the trusted partners in business and friends in life.





SAGE North America and Western Europe – Peter Eimer9


Hello everyone! My name is Pete Eimer and I am the SAGE Continental Coordinator for North America. I’d like to thank Curt and Rob for this opportunity. A little background on myself….I am a CPA but haven’t been in that field for quite a while. After a few years with KPMG after college, I moved into banking and worked in Product Management for about 15 years. Since then, I moved into teaching at the university level. I teach at D’Youville College in Buffalo, New York and also and CEO at the Brothers of Mercy – a 126 acre campus that includes independent, assisted and skilled nursing care for the elderly. At D’Youville I have run their SIFE team for seven years and that was where I discovered SAGE – through Curt! I have been with SAGE for about five years now and love what it does for young students – it inspires them to think “outside the high school classroom box” and make something good happen in the real world. Last year’s World Cup in Nigeria was a real inspiration for the students and adults alike!


This year we were able to get SAGE Canada up and running. So we are very happy about that. Canada is a big country so that is a lot of room to expand – but we have a foothold in Toronto and a very good Country Coordinator there. I am also working on a plan to significantly expand the number of schools and states for SAGE in the U.S. Even though these countries aren’t in North America – because I have some contacts – I am going to looking to establish SAGE in Ireland and Germany as soon as possible. In five years I believe SAGE can be in more than 300 high schools in the U.S. and at least 150 in Canada. (I hope much more for each!)


I believe SAGE can grow within each country (already established) as well as expand to 40+ countries in 5 years. A big key is going to be establishing the optimum business model for growth. Is it a franchise type model that has been utilized successfully in Brazil? Is it a model similar to Junior Achievement? DECA? What I do know is that this is a life-changing organization. I have had 2 daughters involved with SAGE who have been 12changed forever because of their experience! I see SAGE not only as an entrepreneurship type of program – but as an organization that provides a real sense that we are all just one world with many somewhat artificial boundaries called countries. SAGE has shown the youth of the world that they can work together to help solve world-wide problems.







SAGE Southeast Asia – Dr. Robert (Bob) Galindez

10 13







Bob is the President of St. Robert’s International Academy.

Currently, SAGE is in Southeast Asian countries such as Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.  SAGE is also present in East Asian countries like China and Korea.



SAGE Middle East – Aman Merchant


Aman Merchant is a Dubai-based serial entrepreneur passionate about creating better futures through the power of ideas & disruptive thinking. With an entrepreneurial journey that began in 1991 even before he entered uni, he brings nearly two decades of experience to the various ventures he is associated with, having launched eight & led three others in markets across the Middle East & Asia regions.

In two of his most recent entrepreneurial pursuits, he has set up Future Leadership Academy (FLA) as the Chief Emagination Officer as well as 10x Futures as the Chief Disruptive Thinker. FLA is a pioneering social venture that will be a greenhouse for preparing future world leaders aged 3-24. 10x Futures is a boutique advisory firm that partners with C-level leaders & their executive teams who are willing to challenge convention and lead their organizations to create bigger futures through disruptive thinking, strategic alignment & holistic innovation. In late 2010, he co-founded & assumed the role of Executive Chairman for Hub Dubai, part of a global co-working incubator platform network for social entrepreneurs.

He is founder & CEO of Leading Concepts, which powers organizations with forward-thinking leadership development solutions that work. In 2002, Aman launched the region’s first ever performance consultancy Paradigmz through an exclusive regional alliance with Mercer. He is also an executive director & board member at Dubai 9 Group.

He holds a 1st Class Masters Degree with Hons from Oxford University in Politics, Philosophy & Economics as well as a Diploma in Marketing from London School of Economics. He is a lifetime member of the Stanford Business School Alumni Association, Oxford Business Alumni as well as past President of the UAE Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization & currently its Regional Membership Director.

Between 2009-10, he also served as a board member of the Global Agenda Council on Emerging Multinationals at the World Economic Forum.



15SAGE Caribbean and West Indies – Dr. Wallace W. Williams


  • Chairman-Code Logistics Africa Ltd
  • ESI-Electoral Services International Canada Local Nigerian Partner
  • Chairman-International Holographics & Security Printing Co.(Nig) Ltd
  • Chairman- Trinidad Lake Asphalt Oil & Gas Co. (Nig) Ltd
  • Chairman-TLOG (Trinidad) Ltd
  • Lead Facilitator- Cadet Expansion in Secondary Schools ( Government of Trinidad & Tobago- Ministry of Education)
  • Chairman & Patron- Give Youths a Chance NGO ( Trinidad & Tobago)
  • Hon Consul General of Antigua & Barbuda to the Federal republic of Nigeria
  • Author & NALIS Awardee for publication CVQO & Education Caribbean Youth at Risk!
  • Singer , songwriter & Music Producer (song writer for world famous group Hot Chocolate) & Writer, producer & Singer of Beautiful Abuja used by the award winning SAGE winners  2009 Jikowyi Secondary School (attached for sharing with the SAGEGLOBAL family)
  • CVQO-Cadet Vocational Qualification Organization UK Caribbean Director
  • CEO- Career Vocational Qualification Organization (Caribbean)



I salute the SAGEGOLBAL family team and vision of Professor Curt De Berg who I had the esteem honour of meeting in Nigeria some 2 years ago, when I was first introduced to the SAGE concept by my Economic & Business attaché Digital Scientist Mr Lenny Duncan, who was instrumental in working with the SAGE winning team from JSS Jikowyi Abuja Nigeria. When I saw what these young kids were doing and at that age! I was astounded! Even moved to tears that these kids from a poor area of Nigeria/Abuja environs and a poor school without much resources compared to other elite schools in the country, had so much ability and was so enthused, focused, determined and committed to succeed as young entrepreneurs and willing to bring about social world change as well!!, I was immediately bitten by the SAGE bug! And not only visited their school whilst they were preparing for their SAGE World cup, but wrote and produced the Song ‘Beautiful Abuja’ which they used in their award winning presentation (attached to share!) and was so very proud & excited when they won!!! Beating major countries in the process!!. Meeting with Curt thereafter was a meeting of minds and I decided to get SAGE started in the Caribbean. It has been a very long journey since, with many false starts! However we have now got the commitment of one school in Trinidad & Tobago and maybe one more and we also have the interest from the largest youth organization in Jamaica. I am now looking forward to SAGEGLOBAL CONTINENTAL CARIBBEAN being firmly established to participate in next years’ World Cup! Long live SAGEGLOBAL and the VISION & MISSION of Professor Curt De Berg & the SAGEGLOBAL Worldwide family.


Region includes:

Trinidad & Tobago
St Vincent & the Grenadines
St Lucia
Antigua & Barbuda
Cayman Islands