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How Does SAGE Work?

The SAGE idea is modeled after interscholastic sports. It works like this.

A team of at least three teenagers is formed, either by the teens themselves or in conjunction with an entrepreneurial adult ally (e.g., teacher, business leader, or sponsoring organization). If the team is affiliated with a high school, it can be part of an existing class, or it can be co-curricular. In the late spring or early summer of each year, the teams travel to a tournament to present the results of their innovations to a panel of jurists recruited from the business and civic community.

The ticket to enter the competition? A SAGE team must enter one of two categories. It must choose to operate either a:

a. Socially responsible business (SRB)
b. Social enterprise business (SEB)

By operating an SRB or an SEB, the team earns the right to travel to a regional or national tournament. At the national tournament, the best team in each category wins the right to represent their country at the SAGE World Cup.