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SAGE Global is an international nonprofit corporation
dedicated to teenage entrepreneurs (teenpreneurs).

In today’s increasingly complex world, cross-cultural cooperation in entrepreneurial ventures can raise standards of living and generational history. SAGE way to change the world is to focus on one key stakeholder—teenagers—for it is youth who have the most at stake.

SAGE program combines three key components: Curriculum, Mentoring, and Competition.

The result: TEENS become agents for social change.


  • Our hands on, standards-based, curriculum helps teens identify and operate real social businesses that solve critical problems.
  • We connect our teens to university students who mentor them.
  • SAGE recruits community leaders like you to serve as judges at our competitions. Here, teens showcase their businesses with written annual reports and live presentations.

Global challenges, such as environmental sustainability, alternative energy and transportation, and problems caused by global climate change, pose opportunities for teenpreneurs with worldview.

These entrepreneurs can be classified into two categories:

  1. Those that own and operate Socially-Responsible Businesses (SRBs)
  2. Those that own and operate Social Enterprise Businesses (SEBs).