SAGEMAIL Listserv.


What is listserv



A listserv is software that contains email addresses of all subscribers to the list. It functions by taking any emails sent to the listserv and forwarding those messages to the email accounts of all subscribers. You can use the listserv to ask other SAGE subscribers for advice, or to share ideas and concerns. Any subscriber can then answer the question by posting their reply to everyone on the listserv, or to only the original poster.

Sign up listserv


You may want to sign up for our listserv, called SAGEMAIL, where everyone can post messages about new SAGE news and achievements. To sign up, send a request to and in the subject line write, “SAGE Listserv Signup.”


Subscribing to SAGEMAIL


Once you ask us to subscribe you, we will automatically add your email address to the listserv.

Sending and Receiving E-Mail on the SAGEMAIL Listserv


After you are subscribed, you can then send and receive e-mail.

To send an e-mail to all subscribers, send the message to:

Then type in a subject, write your message in the text area, and send it. Everyone who subscribes to the list will receive your message.


Alternately, you can use this form:

12 + 10 =