Our impact

In 2015-2016, SAGE reached approximately 1,200 junior and secondary schools in 22 countries. With SAGE teams averaging about 10 students per team, this means we impacted about 12,000 teenagers worldwide.

At the beginning and end of the year, each SAGE student also is asked to complete a SAGE Student Questionnaire, and each adult ally (e.g., high school teacher) is asked to complete a SAGE Team Data Sheet.

Descriptive statistics include:

  • Number of new or improved business and social ventures created by SAGE teams
  • Number of annual written reports summarizing each team’s activities
  • Number of verbal presentations made at state and national SAGE competitions
  • Number of business and community leaders directly involved as SAGE BAB members
  • Number of business and community leaders directly involved on a “SAGE Jury”
  • Number of university mentors (usually 2 per SAGE team)
  • Number of gross impressions made by media obtained for USA SAGE, including newspaper, radio, television and Internet.

To get an idea of how SAGE has made an impact globally, we invite you to visit a few of the web sites created by our SAGE programs in other countries.

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SAGE Ireland

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SAGE United States of America