The SAGE champion team always sends others scrambling to get better! Click here to see the new SAGE Judging Criteria starting in 2019.

A SAGE Business is judged on five criteria (20 points each):

(1)   Creativity and Innovation

(2)   Social Impact

(3)   Business Operations

(4)   Likelihood That the Business Will Continue

(5)   Presentation (Written, Oral, and a Questions and Answers Period)

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You can contact Dr. DeBerg to get to know the new SAGE Judging Criteria 2019.

  • State usually takes place between February and July
  • Regional usually takes place between February and July
  • National usually takes place between February and July
  • World Cup usually takes place July or August.
  • Student teams travel to a state, regional and/or national competition.
  • SAGE teams will be assigned to “leagues,” just like in athletic competitions.
  • Each team presents their written reports and live presentations in front of the audience and the panel of judges.
  • The SAGE team that is rated the highest is known as the State/Regional/National SAGE Champion.
  • Be a SAGE school student
  • Form a team of at least 3 students
  • Be between 13-19 years of age
  • Meet SAGE Benchmarks (See Handbook)
  • Choose to compete in SEB or SRB business category

A country coordinator may choose to hold “sub-national” tournaments prior to its national tournament.
The winner of each sub-national competition advances to the National SAGE competition.
The SAGE World Cup usually takes place during July or August each year.

When I began SAGE as a sophomore, I was shy and quite afraid of public speaking. Through SAGE, not only was I able to gain confidence but I was able to start my own business and help people around the world.

-Allie Marasco, SAGE student, Co-owner, Small World Publishing

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