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SAGE Canada held their national competition entitled “TheSTAGE” on Friday, May 13th at St. James Cathedral’s Snell Hall.

Talented high school students presented their start-up businesses in front of a panel of judges to qualify for a chance to represent Canada globally as youth entrepreneurs. The competition was in search for the top 12 socially innovative youth ventures nationwide, to compete at our national stage for a chance to represent Canada globally as youth entrepreneurs. This year’s winners will have the chance to compete at the SAGE World Cup against 31 participating countries in Manila, Philippines. The winners were announced at a gala at St. Andrew’s Club & Conference Centre.

The winner of the Social Enterprise Business (SEB) was HelpWear, which was founded by André Bertram and Frank Nguyen. Operated out of Ryerson University’s Zone Learning ecosystem, the venture strives to improve home health care by developing affordable and accessible products for patients around the world. The company is currently developing its first product, the HeartWatch. This product allows for 24/7 at-home heart monitoring, with an embedded emergency contact system for further prevention and better treatment of heart related illnesses.

The winner of the Socially Responsible Business (SRB) category was Sitto, a Junior Achievement Company founded by 42 dedicated and aspirational students, who aim to ease the process of connecting babysitters and families, and to simplify the payment process between both parties. Described as the “Uber of Babysitting”, their services are offered in the form of a mobile application. The babysitting industry is a relatively untapped and traditional market, which has yet to be technologically revolutionized. Sitto aims to change the world of babysitting by introducing a technology-based solution that subsequently enhances the convenience and efficiency of this demanded service.

SAGE (Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship), is an international network that links teams of secondary school students to nearby university and college students, business leaders and civic leaders. The primary goal of SAGE is to advance youth entrepreneurship and community service around the world, emphasizing economic opportunity, ethical business practices, social responsibility, civic engagement and environmental awareness. We give students the opportunity to receive hands on experience by putting theory into practice.

Students create innovative projects that impact their school and the community. These projects have limitless opportunities and give students a chance to expand their network, develop all of their skills and experience business first hand. SAGE offers students not only the opportunity to make the world a better place, but also to compete on a regional, national and global level by showcasing their initiatives and success stories.