Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE)

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SAGE fosters international cooperation and entrepreneurship among high school students in more than 20 countries. Students form teams of three or more to develop a socially responsible business (SRB) or social enterprise business (SEB) and compete annually at the SAGE World Cup. The 2013 competition was held in Abuja, Nigeria.

Team projects can be completed alone or with the help of an entrepreneurial mentor, such as a teacher. University students also participate as part of a service-learning requirement and serve as SAGE mentors. SAGE encourages teams to connect with local business and civic leaders who share business expertise and may later serve as judges in the competitions. SAGE Global recently designed a one-semester course entitled “Turning Risk into Success”. Materials for the course include PowerPoint lessons, a sample business plan, teaching guide, quizzes for each lesson, and a final exam. The course includes 12 lessons covering topics such as:

-social entrepreneurship
-interacting with the local community
-how to write business plans

SAGE stresses civic duty and responsibility. Regional, national, and international competitions showcase students’ business models and award those that have done exceptional work to achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). All projects are judged according to their sustainability, succession plans, and mass and social media outreach. SRBs are additionally evaluated for innovation and creativity and profit; SEBs must have a measurable social impact and demonstrate success in their use of community resources.